Since I can remember, I have always been of service to others.  

  • In the corporate world of the hospitality industry
  • Personal relationships
  • Outside ministries
  • Homeschooling my 6 children
  • Sharing beneficial information with others
  • Networking to help connect others to products and people that could assist them
  • My ministry of healing work

My Story

When I was eleven years old, I started helping my parents work catering events in the family business.  Over those young years, I did everything under the sun to do in the hospitality industry.  

 By age 17, I was running large off-premise social and corporate events. After becoming pregnant with my first child, I transferred to assist my husband in running a full-service hotel, rather than cater as my back was suffering from a car accident and then 2 back surgeries I had in high school. 

In my young years, I had experiences I thought everyone had.

I thought it was normal to feel, see, and hear what I did. It was not until my teens that I realized most others did not.  I remember going to my mom at age 16 0r 17 with what I had felt and seen. I was so scared that I asked to sleep in her bed.

At that time, I was recovering from one of my back surgeries and was on medication for the pain.  My mom thought I was hallucinating. What I felt and saw was so real, but I shut it down, believing it was the medication.

Throughout the years, more would occur.  

 As time went on, things became more intense and undeniable.  I did not say anything to anyone except who would become my husband.  My husband and I worked together for many years and he was the only one I confided in regarding the sounds, sights, feelings & abilities I was experiencing.  

 After several children, I did begin to share with them as It was evident at young ages they, too, were feeling, hearing, and seeing things most others did not. We called it "family business" to not be questioned or judged by others.


Fast forward to being a homeschooling/part-time working mom of 6.

One of my daughters had been sick for quite a while. She was labeled with Lyme disease, Auto-Immune disorders, and a compromised immune system. She had mono for 6 months. Our pediatrician could not explain why she kept testing positive for mono. Nobody could get to the root cause of all of these underlying conditions. We went to various doctors; Traditional, Holistic, and Alternative. While some suffering was alleviated, she was up and down and nothing helped her fully recover.

During that time, I had read a science-based article that stated the root cause of 95-99% of an illness and disease is stress & emotional-based.

My search began. A woman told me about a powerful energy healer whose work was primarily emotion-based. That is when I met a loving energy healer (who is now a close friend and colleague).

I took my daughter to her to have a session.  I left to do errands during the session.  I knew the people you love the most are usually the people you have been hurt by the most. I felt that if any of this were connected to me, her subconscious would not bring forth what was needed.

A Little Bit More About Me

  • I falter; I am human of course!
  • I am a chatterbox who in social settings can get too loud or speak too much when passionate about a topic
  • I am an excellent listener who keeps one's confidence
  • I have had to tame my sailor mouth from growing up in the hospitality industry!
  • Intense, loyal, and passionate; yet calming & nurturing
  • I laugh at my own jokes before I can even get them out
  • I love Jesus.  He is my guy!
  • It is impossible for me to speak and not use my hands
  • I have my own Angela-isms and dictionary of word


  • I love a good drink
  • I have a fierce love for family, friends, and humanity
  • I enjoy reading and am a life long learner
  • Authenticity and transparency are a must in my life
  • I love to laugh and have fun with people, but I do not do superficial!
  • I take pleasure in witnessing others thriving!
  • The ocean, beach, and bodies of water feel like a coming home for me
  • I adore people, learning their stories and being a part of their journey
  • I am capable of telling a dirty joke or two
  • I have always been a leader who thrives on inspring, teaching, and empowering others
  • I would not be here, able to do what I do for others without my relationship with Jesus Christ, Divine Mother & Father, Kathy Hill, and the rest of my Spirit Team


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