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My gift to this world is to be able to energetically hold space without judgement while reading your energy, channeling and retrieving information from your subconscious, guides, ancestors, and higher-self.  This allows me to zone in on the root causes (points of origin) as to what is challenging someone physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and spiritually.

Alchemizing these low-frequency blocks of energies and then activating your internal intelligence within for integrations, balance, and healing is one of my favorite things to teach and provide, as it assists you in getting "unstuck", and propels you to your truth and remembrance of who you really are and what you came here to do. 

This is when the "Divine Magic" of healing and transformation takes place.

Teaching and coaching small and large groups also lights me up. I enjoy empowering others to use their intuition, learn how their energy works so they can help themselves!

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My Passion. . .

My passion is inspiring and witnessing the transformation in others by bringing people together in connection, healing, teaching and empowering while being a part of their journey, and assisting in remembering and living in your their true sovereign nature.

Always remember:

  • We are not our emotions
  • We are not our trauma
  • We are not our beliefs
  • We are not our feelings

*All of those create the human experience but that is not who you are! #Know#Thy#Souls#Intention


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Spiritual Life Coach|Teacher

Spiritual Activations

Certified Energy Healer & Alchemist

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In just two sessions Angela has helped me through my grief of my brothers death and how to move forward with my goals and dreams in my life and career. 
I highly recommend you get out of your own way and let her help you. It is so freeing!
Lea Leonardo - Tracy, California. 




Divinely You, Healing & Mentorship Program is Divinely catered and customized for you individually, over 8 weeks together.

One to One sessions offering immersion of not only coaching, teaching and healing, but spiritual activations will take place.

* Customizable , As we start working together, spirit will share if you need more or less of something.

* Customizable, as if breaks are needed between our weekly sessions, I accommodate.

This program is life-changing for all who join, as awareness & transformation directs you on a new path and journey, along with offering you tools and techniques to master your own emotions, energy and life.

This is also EXTREMELY beneficial for Empaths, Sensitives, Light workers, Intuitives and or Healers of any kind.

Many times in group programs and settings it is impossible to get into so much detail for the individual as it caters more to the collective of the group. 

While group work is very powerful, some prefer 1 to 1. That is who this is for!

I will ask for your intentions for joining this program along with your top 5 areas you would like to focus on. 

This can include any of the below of your choosing. I have and will make accommodations for anything not listed below that you would like to be a part of this experience.


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Embark on The Trinity Healing Journey: A Deep Dive into Transformation and Personal Awakening

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PSYCHIC LED CHANNELING...serves as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms.

When I channel I can connect to several aspects of consciousness, Including:

-Your higher self

-Your guides and Spirit Team

-Angels and Goddesses 

-Ascended Masters

-Loved ones who have crossed over

-God, Spirit, Source, Creator

The information channeled can encompass a wide range of topics, including:

-Personal guidance

-Spiritual Teachings

-Predictions and Revelations

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Your Soul Gift Report

Unlock the Gateway to Your Soul

Embark on an unparalleled journey into the depths of your being. Discover the keys to your innermost self and step into a world where your true potential knows no bounds.

What you'll get:

Personalized Soul Gift Report: A 20-30 page detailed exploration into the unique spiritual gifts encoded within your soul, prepared and delivered to your email, promising a profound journey of self-discovery.

Bespoke Divine Assistance: Remote energetic healings and activations from your higher self and spirit team, tailored specifically to facilitate your personal awakening and the embracing of your innate gifts.

Additional Details:

  • Please allow up to 10 days for your Soul Gift Report to be channeled, prepared, and delivered with care to your email.
  • Given the personalized nature of this service, we are unable to offer refunds. We pour our heart, soul, and countless hours into creating a report that’s uniquely yours.
  • This journey is facilitated remotely. Angela connects with your higher self and spirit team to create a sacred space for your transformation, without the need for direct contact or calls.
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What others are saying...

Angela helped me get to the root of why I did not feel safe in my body!

I know remote sessions can feel like it would not be as powerful as in person, but I can assure you that distance and time zones have no effect on Angela’s sessions. 

I was feeling anxious when the session began. Angela said one thing and all of a sudden I was calm to where I could take and dig deep into what needed to be released. I could feel the energy being transmuted into the light and cried and purged multiple times during the session. 

Angela helped me get to the root of why I did not feel safe in my body. I highly recommend Angela.

Your soul and higher-self will thank you!  Jamie Bendola- Fort Myers, Florida