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Divinely You, Healing & Mentorship Program is Divinely catered and customized for you individually, over 8 weeks together.

One to One sessions offering immersion of not only coaching, teaching and healing, but spiritual activations will take place.

* Customizable , As we start working together, spirit will share if you need more or less of something.

* Customizable, as if breaks are needed between our weekly sessions, I accommodate.

This program is life-changing for all who join, as awareness & transformation directs you on a new path and journey, along with offering you tools and techniques to master your own emotions, energy and life.

This is also EXTREMELY beneficial for Empaths, Sensitives, Light workers, Intuitives and or Healers of any kind.

Many times in group programs and settings it is impossible to get into so much detail for the individual as it caters more to the collective of the group. 

While group work is very powerful, some prefer 1 to 1. That is who this is for!

I will ask for your intentions for joining this program along with your top 5 areas you would like to focus on. 

This can include any of the below of your choosing. I have and will make accommodations for anything not listed below that you would like to be a part of this experience.


Experience and What you will receive: (General Overview)

-Your gifts, in conjunction with your Human design. You will receive an overview with specific gifts and abilities that you have to be used in every day life and how you were designed to use them.

* Note: These are additional and different than the gifts I will uncover in our last session, which is they types of gifts I am using that we all have access to!

- Showing you how to tap into your own data base of intuition so you are able to find out what is a yes for you and what is a no for you in in your everyday life. 

*Once learning your yes's and No's in life it will get to the point where you will be able to touch, look or think about something and have your answer.

 - Psychic Led Energy Healings

-  Past life healings

- Three Dimensional Therapy *This is surrounding belief systems 

- Chakra Healings

- Psychic Led Channeling

- Mediumship

Click Here for Session Descriptions

- A List and understanding of your magical gifts from God, Spirit, Source, Creator. * We all have gifts and abilities like the ones I am using to assist you.

* All of the above healings heal aspects of anxiety, depression, relationship challenges  (intimate, friends or family) Emotional, Mental, Physical and Sexual abuse. Money blocks and challenges and so much more!

- Learn how to  communicate and connect to your Higher-self "Your Master Soul" that  which is our connection to God/Source. 

- Learn how to connect to your guides and others aspects of your spirit team

- Learn how to  connect with and use life force energy for self and in conjunction with any energy work or healings you do for self or others.

- Learn how to master your own life and energy and what this looks like for you. *

Especially helpful for those that are Empaths & absorb others feelings and emotions.

- Receive my pre-recorded audio energetic attunement that is 22 min long to listen to and practice. This you can always use to connect to higher self and clear your chakra's at the same time!

- Receive my pre- recorded 7 min mini grounding audio.

-  Learn how clear any low frequency spirits and energies that for self and others.


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*During this course, you have full access to me via email or FB messenger, as questions arise.

*You will receive and audio recording after each session. So much information is shared that it is impossible to retain. Having a recording assures you can always go back to listen. Listening to this days, weeks and even months later is still very impactful. 

*As it applies per session, I will email you a typed up session form, of what came up in our session.

It is like watching the movie for the third time or reading a book for the third time! AHA moments and connection of the dots that as you continue to grow will make sense on a deeper level. 

Most importantly, I will be loving on you, holding you accountable and holding Divine space for your this entire program while you learn, integrate, grow, heal and transform!

Blessings & Miracles Always, and in All ways!

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